“Take Charge of Your Life” Quick Start Guide

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Take Charge of Your Life in 6 Steps!

“Take Charge of Your Life” Quick Start Guide will help you take back your life and work on your top personal goals.  Practice these 6 steps on a regular basis and you will feel like you can take on the world in no time!

It Is Time to Take Charge of  Your Life!

  • Step #1: Get rid of non-essential items

    Make a goal of donating, throwing out, or putting away ten things per day.

  • Step #2: Make sure you really need to do something

    Do you really need to vacuum your rugs again? What will happen if you skip deep cleaning your floors? Make a list of to-dos and cut that list in half.

  • Step #3: Set 2 to 3 goals and work on them daily

    If you are unsure if you should do a certain task or let it go ask yourself, “Does the to-do support my goal?” If your answer is no, skip it.

  • Step #4: Learn to say “No” on a regular basis 

    Evaluate how you currently spend your time and don’t be afraid to say no to dinner and drinks with friends if you are trying to eat better. Time is finite and precious. Start treating it like that.

  • Step #5: Stop letting information overload paralyze you

    Put a stake in the sand, pick one game plan, and stick with it. Take the information you have and get going! Planning and research are never as good as actually doing!

  • Step #6: Your to-do’s need to align with your goals

    Stop yourself from always doing the most manageable tasks first. Focus on the tasks that will have the most impact on your life first.

Take Charge of Your Life: The Foolproof Plan to Reach Every Goal that You Set!

Do you have the same goals year after year but somehow you never get around to working on them? Trust me, I get it! In 2010 my New Year’s Resolutions were to lose weight, declutter my home, and save money. Ten years later I have lost some weight and gained it back, made some decent progress on decluttering, and have done OK (not as good as I would like) with the saving money part!

What is my point here? I think most people think that doing just a little bit each day toward a goal is for other people and not them. Come on…we are superheroes and can do way more than a little each day! I mean who wants to lose just a half or a quarter a pound a week. I will take at least two pounds per week, please. And I will declutter my garage in one morning. But the issue with the “do more than a little each day” approach is we often make excuses and wind up doing absolutely nothing. That is why we find ourselves making the same New Year’s Resolutions year after year.

But what if this time around it could be different?

What if we vowed to declutter just five things per day, lose just a ¼ pound per week and put $10 a week into savings on a regular basis. It seems kind of boring right? But this approach will give you the best chance of meeting your goals AND enjoying the process along the way. When you make it too hard to reach a goal you will pretty much fail every single time.  So, ask yourself…is it better to declutter 5 items a day and have 1,825 fewer items at the end of the year or vow to do a monster declutter marathon that never ever gets done? And if you do attempt to do the marathon clean up job…it is pretty much guaranteed that you will burn out and quit!

So how do we get started with pursuing our goals by doing a little bit each day? Here are some ideas:

  1. Strive to lose just a 1/4 pound per week. Do this every week and you will be down 13 pounds in a year, and you will not feel deprived or miserable.
  2. Skip buying coffee 1 or 2Xs per week and put the money you save into a jar or the bank.
  3. Declutter just 5 items per day and be 1,825 items lighter in a year.
  4. Walk or do some type of exercise for just 10 minutes per day. You do not need to exercise an hour or more per day to reap the benefits
  5. Want to write a book? Write one page a day and you will have a 365-page book in a year. It is pretty amazing when you think that you could write a 365-page book in just a year only by writing one page per day!

Print out the “Take Charge of Your Life” Quick Start Guide

Put the “Take Charge of Your Life” guide in a place where you will see it often.  Practice some or all of these steps on a daily basis and prepare to be amazed at how quickly you take charge of your life!

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