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Minimalizing: Top 10 benefits and how to get started (Free eBook)

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Minimalizing: Top 10 benefits and how to get started (Free eBook)

Minimalizing helps us focus on simple living, happiness, and fulfillment, rather than material stuff. In this post, we take a closer look at this modern-day trend and what changing to a minimalist way of living could mean for you.

Minimalizing: Top 10 benefits

1. Instantly Feel Lighter

Ever wonder why seeing clutter makes you annoyed, and at times, infuriated? That’s because clutter has a massive impact on our mental health and peace of mind. When did you last take the time to declutter the stuff you didn’t need? How did it make you feel? Chances are, you felt joy,  a bit lighter, and relieved that you finally got rid of all those things you didn’t need.

 2. Save More Money

Minimalizing is an instant money-saver because you are no longer buying material things you don’t need.

3. You Won’t Have to Shop that Much

Minimalism does not mean you need to become Ebenezer Scrooge. It doesn’t mean your doorway is never going to see the sweet sight of an Amazon box containing toys for your kids or some new clothing. To keep yourself from going on a spending spree online, try to make each purchase intentional.

This means, you should only purchase the things you really need, which will keep you from spending money on stuff you really can do without. Does your child really need another stuffed animal? If you get in the habit of tracking what you buy, you will end up having more money in your savings account and less clutter in your home…a win-win scenario and your finances will thank you!

4. Creates Lasting Memories

Stop spending money on massive amounts of gifts every year at the holidays for your family and go on a vacation instead. It is a great way to create lasting memories and lessen the clutter.

5. Clears Your Mind

If you are trying to focus on doing something, but you have 50 things on your work desk, the chances of distraction are amplified exponentially. If you want to give yourself a clear mind so that you can focus on the tasks at hand, then it is important to first clear the clutter from around you.

6. Less Clutter Means Fewer Landfills

Everything you own ends up somewhere. If you keep buying stuff you do not need, you are going to need extra space in your home, garage, and storage facility, which will result in a massive carbon footprint.

7. Less Clutter Leads to Better Relationships

Don’t try to impress others by purchasing fancy things that you do not need.  Great friendships and relationships have nothing to do with material possessions.

8. Minimalizing Leads to More Time for Fun

Decluttering your life allows you to focus on your passions and what makes you happy and that leads to having more time for fun stuff like reading a good book or spending the afternoon doing what you want.

9. Minimalizing Leads to “Saying No” More and Not Feeling Bad About It

Stop overcommitting and concentrate on tasks that absolutely need to get done that day and more importantly, learn to say no once in a while without guilt.

10. Focus on Your Wellbeing

Embrace the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle in your home and your life and you will have more time to go to the gym, practice yoga, or just enjoy some quiet time by reading a book.

Minimalizing: How to Get Started

Start out your minimalizing journey with the ideas below.

Go Through Your Closet

Go through your closet and identify all the clothes which no longer fit, which you no longer wear, or which are just too old.  Some unwanted items may be suitable to be given to friends or family members and others may be able to be given to charity. Some could even be used around the home as cleaning cloths.

Minimalize Your Home

Start in one room and be ruthless. Empty every shelf, drawer, and cabinet and separate everything into three piles – to keep, to donate, and to throw away. You’re aiming for a living space with plenty of open floor space and empty surfaces.

Digitalize, Digitalize, Digitalize

These days, there’s no need for a chunky photograph album or piles of DVDs and CDs. You can digitalize all these things to online media and streaming systems.

Don’t Take On Too Much

If you’re being asked to take on more than you’re able to cope with, it’s time to take a good hard look at your attitude to your life. It’s important to look after yourself and to focus on your own well-being. Commit to minimalizing your work and your personal life and you’ll soon reap the benefit of having more time to spend with the people you value most.

Eliminate Toxic People

Part of minimalizing involves culling the people around you who aren’t good for your well-being. Eliminate those people from your social media feed and from your physical life and don’t be afraid to say no to them. Caring for yourself is one of the most important factors in any successful minimalizing journey.

Create a Daily Routine

Create a daily routine to reduce stress and ultimately have more time for the fun stuff. The Live Clutter Free Workbook and Cleaning Planner can help You can also get it for free. Learn more here.

Minimalist Living – Why Less is Actually More in Life: Free 72-page eBook

This eBook focuses on how to minimalize your entire life. It takes a closer look at what changing to a minimalist way of living could mean to you and how it could help you to enjoy greater peace of mind. With this how-to guide to switching to a minimalist lifestyle, you have all the tools you need at your disposal to make an informed decision about whether you could benefit from making the change.

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