Housework Hacks to Keep You Motivated

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Does housework get you down? Is it time for some housework hacks to get you motivated!

First, it’s probably helpful to clear your mind of self-sabotaging self-talk. For instance, there is no strict rule on how to clean your home. Don’t get bogged down thinking the housework police are going to catch you for doing it wrong.

Second, don’t fall for the myth that Mary next door is doing a better job than you are or that you are a housework failure in some way.

Third, all it usually takes to get started is some momentum. Play some fun music, grab a cloth, and start wiping. In time, you will gain momentum.

Whether you decide to do a full house-cleaning blitz every couple of weeks or do an hour here or there, sustaining your energy, momentum, and mindset will be key.

Here are a few housework hacks that might help you get your housework done:

Housework Hacks: Break it Down

Though your overarching goal is to clean the entire house, forget it. That’s often too much for anyone to sustain. There are two trains of thought regarding breaking down the work. If you start with the least cluttered and cleanest room, you’ll see success quickly, which may motivate you to carry on. Alternatively, if you start with the worst room, you’ll be glad to finish it, and a huge weight will be lifted.

Be Kind to Yourself with Bookended Breaks

Re-energize yourself with short bookended breaks every half hour. Pour a cocktail, drink water, or make a pot of tea. Open your social media page for some scrolling time. Perhaps set a timer, so you don’t overstay your break.

Housework Hacks: Work a Series

Have you ever Netflix binged a TV series? Do the same with an area of your house. For instance, to binge a hallway includes putting shoes, coats, and other clutter away followed by sweeping the floor. A bedroom binge includes dusting, stripping the bed, vacuuming the floors, and gathering laundry. A kitchen binge includes emptying the dishwasher, reloading it, wiping the counters, polishing the appliances, followed by sweeping and mopping the floors.

Housework Hacks: Time Yourself

Would it be fun to bet on yourself? Place a bet on how long you think a cleaning task will take, then set a timer. You may be surprised to find it only takes a few minutes to accomplish what you’ve been putting off.

Remind Yourself to Complete the Cycle

Part of the reason clutter appears is because it’s human nature to not complete a cycle. That is, instead of taking a beverage glass back to the kitchen, you leave it on the coffee table. Instead of putting books back on a shelf, you leave them out thinking you’ll read them soon. Get the idea?

To solve this dilemma and thereby have less clutter to put away on cleaning day, chant this phrase after using something: “Complete the cycle, complete the cycle.” You’ll feel a sense of satisfaction when you remember to complete a cycle. Ultimately, the rule is to refrain from the temptation to be lazy. Put stuff away as you use it.

Try one of all of these housework hacks today!

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