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30 Day Declutter Challenge

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Take the 30 day declutter challenge

Take the 30 day declutter challenge and commit to doing these six quick and easy tasks daily over the next 30 days. 

  1. Throw away, put away, and give away at least 20 items.
  2. Put a pretty plastic bin in every room in order to collect clutter. 
  3. Use up existing products, supplies, etc. before buying more.
  4. Stop stockpiling products, supplies, etc. Only keep two of the same items on hand at one time.
  5. Always ask these three questions before you buy something:
    1.  Do I love this item?
    2. Is it something I need?
    3. Should I give someone else my hard-earned money for it?

Your final daily task for the 30 day declutter challenge is:

Stop bringing new clutter into your life!

This task is so simple yet not easy. We choose to bring new clutter into our lives for so many reasons:

  • We reward ourselves with a shopping trip after a tough day.
  • It is hard to resist a good buy one get one sale.
  • Our children want another toy and we buy it because we feel guilty for not spending enough quality time with them.
  • We easily fall for the promise of:
    • a new miracle face cream that will make us look 10 years younger.
    • the perfect pair of jeans that will instantly flatten our stomach.
    • an exercise machine that we swear this time will not become a clothes rack.

So how do you “stop bringing new clutter into your life”?

  • Don’t Buy Something Unless You Need ItIt doesn’t matter if it is on sale. If you have 15 sweatshirts…do you really need #16? If your TV works, why buy a bigger one just because it has all of the latest bells and whistles?
  • Don’t Automatically Say “Yes” to RequestsJust because someone asks…doesn’t mean you have to say “Yes”.  It is important to remember that for every “Yes” you commit to… you have to say “No” to something else.  Time and your health are your most precious gifts. Protect these gifts with everything you got.
  • Create a “Don’t Do” ListDo you have at least 10 things on your “To Do” list at all times? Can you give one of your “To Dos” to your husband and maybe one to each of your children? What do you think about putting at least one task on your “Don’t Do” list? Yes, it is time to make a “Don’t Do” list. They are one of the best tools you need in your life.  If you dust every week, could you start dusting every other week instead? I bet your family would not even realize that the house is now only getting dusted every other week. And best of all… you gain some valuable time to do more of what you love.
  • Try the “Use It Up” Challenge 

  1. Food – Most people have food in their refrigerators, freezers, and pantries that never get eaten. Challenge yourself to only eat the food you have at home before you grocery shop.
  2. Clothes – How many pairs of jeans do you really need since you can only wear one pair at a time? Challenge yourself to wear the clothes and accessories you already have.   
  3. Beauty Products – Stop chasing the latest anti-aging beauty products and use up your existing shampoo, bath gels, and skincare products. We are all going to age so why fight it? Embrace it!
  4. Cleaning Products – Inventory your existing cleaning products and use them up before buying new stuff.
  5. Candles – Burn and enjoy the candles you already have before adding any more to your collection.
  6. Jewelry – Wear and take care of your jewelry rather than wishing for bigger and better pieces.
  7. Toys – Encourage your children to love and take care of their toys. “More is not better” is one of the greatest things you can teach them.
  8. Office Supplies – Gather all of your pens, pencils, notebooks, and binders and actually use them instead of impulse buying new ones.

You will feel so much lighter when you start using up what you have rather than buying something new.  Your wallet will thank you too.

Stick with the 30 Day Declutter Challenge and prepare to be amazed and feel much lighter 30 days from now.

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